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Annual Meeting of the German Music Publishers’ Association (DMV) 2020 in Berlin
April 28 to April 29, 2020


GEMA General Assembly 2020 in Berlin
May 11 to May 13, 2020


MIDEM 2020 in Cannes, France
June 2 to June 5, 2020

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We are happy to have been entrusted with administering the US-catalogues of Cable Car Music, Centering Music, Chiuyen Music, Dafnison Music, Meltframe Music, Mitchnu Music, Thenro Music und Thobulous Music in Germany.

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Music Rights Clearance – you have found the perfect music for your advertising spot, your corporate film or your movie production. But how to go about clearing the music rights and whom to contact?
We are specialized in music rights clearance for advertising spots, corporate films, TV-series and movies.
We will identify the right owners for you (master rights as well as publishing rights), we will advise you regarding the license fee and assist you with the legal aspect of acquiring the rights that you need to use the music of your choice in your production.
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